Organic avocado, a wealth of nutrients

The land has always been a source of life, but over time the application of chemical inputs has led to soil erosion, affecting biodiversity and damaging crops in the presence of insects.

At Zavocado, we are aware that the vitality of the soil is the green gold mine, for this reason, we have promoted the organic production of Hass avocado orchards in Peribán de Ramos, Michoacán, Mexico, thus promoting the natural enrichment of the soil such as care and attention that the environment needs.

We managed to maintain the value chain, that is, our production, distribution, transformation, and marketing processes, free of chemicals! Guaranteeing you in this way, the freshness and the great flavor that distinguishes us.

The replacement of chemicals by natural and organic components that serve the same purpose strengthens the well-being of our crops and increases our production, such as:

Organic control

Plants with insecticidal and fungicidal properties, mineral powders, ionized enzymes, among others, are used as raw materials for non-toxic, zero residual, or corrosive products.

Biologic control

Through entomopathogenic insects and fungi, the main pests that damage crops are combated, thanks to their predatory or parasitic nature that make insects sick to death.

There are multiple benefits of these measures on organic avocado crops, among them is the increase in production as well as in the size of avocados.


We know that both our clients and final consumers have become more selective when choosing their products, mainly wishing to know their origin.

Through our avocado processors, we offer the highest quality and price of avocado in the market. Likewise, the recognition and preference of the sector have positioned us as exporters of organic Hass avocado.


The Hass avocado variety offers us an adequate maturation process, and it also allows avocado exporters to have a great supply throughout the year, facilitating its marketing to the entire world, always providing freshness and great flavor.


At Zavocado we distinguish ourselves thanks to the freshness and great taste of our avocados. To guarantee our high quality, we have the most prestigious certifications in the sector.



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