The cultivation of Hass avocado requires the best care to offer a healthy crops and great production, in Zavocado we take each of our processes with responsibility and commitment.

For an organic avocado of the highest quality, we focus on the continuous improvement of our production processes, being responsible for the environment and maintaining an effective response and delivery, what matters most to us is the satisfaction of our consumers.


In average conditions, the Hass avocado tree blooms only once a year, beginning in mid-spring with a maturation time ranging from 6 to 11 months.

Due to the climatic benefits that we have in Peribán de Ramos, Michoacán, Mexico, our harvest can remain on the tree once it matures for several months, greatly extending the harvest and conservation period.

The skin of the Hass avocado is somewhat leathery, rough, green to slightly blackish when on the tree; once harvested, it turns purple to black as the fruit softens when ripe, qualities that allow us to locate its exact point of ripeness.

At Zavocado, we harvest the best avocado on the market, or as we are proud to call it: nature’s green gold. The avocados are collected and put in containers, to be taken to the transfer truck and from there to the packaging. The harvest of the avocado is done manually, with the greatest care not to sink the pulp or hit them.

Subsequently, the fruit is taken and pulled from the bottom to the top in a circular motion to avoid cutting them from the level of the fruit, lengthening their conservation and preventing early dehydration. The next step is sent to the selection, cleaning, and packaging area.


Given the increase in the production and marketing of avocado in response to its high demand and profitability in the market, the post-harvest process has become more laborious, which is why we have implemented cutting-edge technology and practical knowledge to meet quality standards and national and international protocols.

To preserve the quality of the avocado, once the post-harvest season has arrived, the particular care of the fruit must be complied with, being of vital importance to achieving the reception of the fruit with the appearance and flavor that distinguishes us.



Through correct handling and control of the temperature, we are able to prevent diseases that damage the harvest, while maintaining the firmness of the product until its transfer and consumption.



Any fruit to be detached from its tree loses its natural water supply, so it is recommended to store with 85% and 90% humidity.


Controlled atmosphere

The avocado is a climacteric fruit, its respiration rate rises during the post-harvest, plus the availability of oxygen in the environment, controlled atmospheres are very useful.

Likewise, the Hass avocado has a high resistance to transport and a long post-harvest life, achieving the freshness and consistency that all Zavocado products have, transforming into a culinary necessity for its fantastic nutritional properties and the ideal touch for each dish.

ripening stages of avocado

Zavocado stands out thanks to the freshness and great taste of our avocado, to guarantee our high quality we have the most prestigious certifications in the sector.



Green in color and very hard in consistency, sometimes with dark colorations..

Lbs. of pressure



Almost ripe and ready to consume in two days at room temperature.

15-25 Lbs. of pressure



Ready to eat in about three days at room temperature.

10-15 Lbs. of pressure


Firm ripe

Ready for consumption and to be sliced. Overripe the next day at room temperature.

5-10 Lbs. of pressure



Ready for any use. Will remain in this condition for 2-3 days at room temperature.

5 Lbs. of pressure


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