• Organic Avocado
    The Green gold from Michoacán.
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  • Organic Avocado
    Fresh organic hass avocado for exportation.
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Organic Avocado

Zavocado is a family company, fully committed to the health of its clients and with the environment. We have 30 years of experience in the production of high-quality Hass avocado in Peribán, Michoacán, México.

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In Zavocado we have 30 years of experience in the cultivation, harvest and post-harvest of Hass avocado.

Social Responsability

In Zavocado we are committed to the environment and our community. We are dedicated to ensuring sustainable avocado production with adherence to all national and international standards for marketing.

Organic Avocados

Organic farming favors natural production, benefits the environment and the market through practices such as crop rotation, manure use, fertilizers, composts, crop waste, among others.

Organic crops receive national and international certifications that guarantee their quality.

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Conventional Avocados

The usual avocado, with excellent quality and nutritional values, from Zavocado to your home.

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