Family owned and run business with our roots stemming in Periban de Ramos, state of Michoacan. Initially our focus was in the HARVEST and PRODUCTION of Hass Avocado. We now bring YOU over 30 Years of EXPERIENCE in with over 20 years of COMMERCIAL DISTRIBUTION. Previous to 2010 we operated under the name “Empacadora Hermanos Zamudio”.


To produce, commercialize and transform avocado into various presentations worldwide, with a high standard of quality, fulfilling all commitments with the value chain responsibly.

To consolidate the domestic market and develop the export market for Europe, Asia and North America with a strong brand, with an infrastructure and team capable of supportting growth.

• Organization: Synchronize processes and tasks to enable us to achieve the objectives.
• Commitment: Meet the goals and targets on agreement with our whole value chain.
• Communication: Having a flow of information and work, clear and direct in all areas.
• Respect: Perform with seriousness and humane treatment the actions that correspond to each party.
• Demand: Search the organization’s development in a comprehensive and continuously way.